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Restoration diary

As one of RRRG's electrical officers I will write about my specialist field as well as general reports of work on site.

Work party report 6th May 2019

Ian Kemp decided to go to site today as it was a bank holiday and he wasn't working. Wes Needle was available too so I went as well.

Quite a productive day, Wes was in No.1 cab again, fitted the windscreen washer control and washer button he'd overhauled, and made a repair to a conduit under the floor. He took away a section of cab panelling to repair that was corroded along one side.

Ian and Peter Carter looked at the various compressors we have and found when they took the head off the Unipart one, it seems in excellent condition. As we had purchased this from a Unipart Rail "closing down sale" a number of years ago in supposedly overhauled condition, this was good news on both fronts. They also identified one that seems in as poor condition as the one Bowers examined, so that will likely also be unusable. With the good one Bowers have and the Unipart one, it appears we have two good compressors for Repulse.

I looked round the power unit in Repulse with Ian, to see if there were any other items that need removing before we lift it, as I'd done that on Thunderer, and identified a couple of items that need removing as they will be in the way of the lifting shackles. Ian and Pete opened the sump drain to let the remaining oil out of to make the engine as light as possible. With the exhaust and heads already removed, it is much lighter than usual anyway.

I cleaned down the opposite side of the generator compartment up to where the fire bottles stand, and undercoated it. The area behind the exhauster will be done once it has been removed.

The two pics show before and after cleaning and undercoating.

Work party report 21st April 2019
Work party report 14th July 2019

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