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Welcome to the new Renown Repulse Restoration Group website.  We've been partially offline for a while but this improved website is hoped to give many more years of service.  Take a look round, we're incorporating some of the latest developments and the news from our interim website which this site has now replaced.  We have an online shop and a discussion forum which you are welcome to browse even if you're not an RRRG member.  You need to register with us to view certain content as well as to use the shop and forum.  We've tried to give the best prices possible in the shop but remember that the money we raise is going directly to fund our preservation project!  Why not browse our photo gallery which shows the painstaking efforts and high standards we are aiming for in our project?  We hope you will be impressed enough to want to become a member but at the very least, thanks for visiting us!

How to help RRRG

RRRG membership conveys benefits and the purchase of shares brings additional entitlements over and above membership alone, as detailed in our Shareholder benefits page.  Share purchases are extremely important to RRRG as they help us fund our project.  If you don't wish to purchase a share for £100 in one go, we strongly encourage you to set up a standing order in favour of the Group.  This can be for as little as £5 or £10 per month but your contribution will go towards share purchases unless you instruct us otherwise.  Standing orders give us regular income and help us plan our expenditure and as such we encourage all our members and supporters to set up a monthly standing order in our favour!

Please note that RRRG membership applications are handled exclusively by the site registration system (rather than the online shop).  Please visit the registration page to purchase membership.



Membership of RRRG

RRRG welcomes new members and supporters.  They are the lifeblood of our project, whether by volunteering and getting your hands dirty or helping to finance what is a very expensive project.  Some of the questions we often get asked is "When will 50030 be ready?" and "Why is it taking so long?"  Take a look around our picture gallery showing the restoration work we're doing.  Read our reports for Peak Rail's house magazine The Peak Express on our progress.  It's a very thorough job and that's why it's taking so long!  We intend 50030 to be a brand new locomotive inside with a very long and secure future ahead of it in preservation.  Partly this is through choice and partly it's the situation we found ourselves in given the neglect the locomotives suffered since withdrawal from BR.  The date that 50030 re-enters service will depend on a number of factors such as available finance and volunteers, however we have no intention of quitting the project.


We buy model trains and aircraft

Renown Repulse Restoration Group sells a large quantity of new and secondhand model trains on our sales stand at railway galas and on the internet. We also sell aircraft kits on the internet. Whilst we obviously prefer donations of sales stock, we are prepared to purchase collections as well.

Please let us know if you have any models you would like to sell. We will offer you a very competitive price and you can rest assured your cherished models are being bought by fellow enthusiasts and that the profits will be invested in the restoration of Renown and Repulse. Please fill in this form if you have some models you would like us to quote you a price for.

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