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RRRG report for The Peak Express June 2014, Issue 36


On the 16th March we held our AGM, which saw a few changes to the RRRG Committee. We are please to welcome Edwin Fitchett and Paul Sturm to the Committee in the role of Membership secretary. After a period of acting up, I’ve been appointed to the role of Chairman, Andy Rowlands has taken on my former role of Publicity Officer (including the role of editing the group newsletter) in addition to his long standing role of Electrical Officer. As an interim I will continue to cover the role of Fund Raising Officer with assistance from Dominic Jackson, however, it has been recorded as vacant, and we would be very pleased to hear from anyone that would like to get involved in this area of the group's activities. Dave Rolfe continues his previous role of site manager, but it was agreed that this didn’t need to be a full committee post. We are sorry to lose Tim Snowball, Steve Tripp and Sarah McCall from the Committee and would like to thank them all for their hard work over the years. All other posts continue as before.


Following testing we have now taken delivery of the two new CU2 Field Divert control units, and the new CU5 Radiator Fan Control Units which was recently completed is currently being tested off site prior to delivery. We have also taken delivery of the two re-engineered CU3 Main Generator Control Unit and two CU6 ETH Generator control units, and also the overhauled and repaired CU1 Control units which are all currently stored offsite. The work at Rowsley to prepare for the exchange of the two motor blowers and two exhausters inside 50030 with the overhauled machines that are currently stored at Bowers Electrical has been completed, however it was decided to postpone their collection as a result of the adverse weather that has been prevailing earlier this year. We are hoping to arrange the lift in the next month or two (Typed the day after spending a VERY wet June day at Rowsley). Work has also been undertaken to ready the radiator fan, and radiators for lifting, which took some doing as the mounting bolts on the radiators are in a pretty inaccessible location and were seriously corroded. All have now been removed and the radiators are ready to lift. If time permits this will be undertaken when the exhausters and blowers are delivered, if not then shortly afterwards and the items sent away for professional repair.


Following the overhaul of the louvres which is now complete, attention has turned to their operating mechanism and the multitude of linkages, most of which are seriously corroded and have been resisting our efforts to free them off, however, progress is being made. There are a couple of sections of the linkage that will need replacing and this has been measured up. An order will be placed when the full extent of the need for replacement has been established.


Following completion of the manufacture of the auxiliary contactors, mounting plates and linkage needed to repair one of our spare class 50 reversers for  50029, the reverser for 50030 has been reassembled and checked, and is now ready to be installed in the electrical cubicle in 50030. In the generator room the work to replace the severely damaged conduit runs is nearing completion, having completed one side last year, work has progressed on the remaining side where sections have been cut and temporarily laid in for all of the runs, all that remains is to thread the section ends and join the pieces together, which will hopefully be completed before you read this. These conduit runs have been made up of the best of the sections reclaimed from 50023, 50030 and 50040. 


Work continues on the ex 50008 power unit, it is difficult to point out highlights for publicity as a result of the routine repetitive nature of the work being undertaken; most things coming in multiples of 16, which results in a lot of work. Fuel pumps and pipes plus injector pipes have been refitted to the power unit (but temporarily as the fuel pumps will be overhauled). The cleaning and painting of the power unit pipework has now been finished, and it is already to be refitted. Work is currently progressing on sorting out, cleaning and painting the various clamps and fixings. Work is also progressing on cleaning and striping back all of the cylinder head covers, side covers and crankcase covers ready for painting.  


In the cabs, the replacement horn mounting plates have been drilled and painted and the pipework has been sorted out for the horn feeds in the headcode boxes. We are currently sourcing new nuts to allow reassembly.


The sales stand had a successful day at the Nene Valley Railway Tornado gala in November, and two very good days out at Peak Rail, on the 2nd March the day of the HST tour, and the 23rd March the day of the Steam Tour, although the weather on the 23rd was somewhat squally which did result in some damage to the Gazebo, which has subsequently been repaired. Website sales, and sales to our members and friends distribution list have also continued well during this period. If anyone would like adding to our Members and Friends e-mail distribution list please let me know via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., this list is used predominantly for selling our range of high quality 2nd hand model railway equipment. Finally I would like to remind everyone about the branded products that we developed last year, including four designs of mug, fridge magnets, key rings, fleeces, polo shirts and T shirts, all of which are available via the website, or the sales stand. The Addon packs for the Microsoft Train Simulator computer game, comprising Class 50-themed additions are still available. We also have two packs available allowing you to drive both the Peak Rail route from Matlock to Rowsley South and the entire Peak Line route from Ambergate to Buxton and Chinley, in each case with a selection of authentic stock and motive power. Profits from the Peak Rail addon pack will additionally help Peak Rail's fundraising efforts. We have also produced a 2014 calendar in conjunction with the Fifty Fund (now available at a discounted price of £3 + £1.50 post and packing). The website is http://www.renownrepulse.com/" target="_blank">www.renownrepulse.com as before where you can find our online shop and also join or renew your membership of RRRG.