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Restoration diary

As one of RRRG's electrical officers I will write about my specialist field as well as general reports of work on site.

Work party report 17th February 2019

Dave Rolfe, Wes Needle and I were on site on Sunday 17th February. Peak Rail have been reorganising their site during the first weeks of 2019 and opportunities for work parties were also limited by the weather. Dave was removing the brake adjustment parts off the bogies, as he'd identified some that were either worn or where there appeared to be parts missing. Wes worked in No.1 cab drilling out broken fixing studs for the Secondman's side internal panelling so he can fit the new panels he's made. He fitted the horn valve to the Secondman's desk and removed the windscreen washer valve to take home to strip and overhaul.

I removed the air filters I'd test fitted by where the generators sit, and brushed out and vacuumed the lower parts of the air ducts to the power unit. The upper part of the ducts can be done when the power unit is out of 50030 later this year. I removed the one copper bar to the start contactors, and one of the smaller copper bars at the back of one of the traction motor contactors, to take to our electrical contractors to see if they can make new ones for us. We only have one of the two we need for the start contactors, and we are short of several for the rear of the motor contactors. I also topcoated the two sections of cable trunking alongside the generators.

​Volunteer Wes Needle drilled out some broken fixing studs and fitted the horn valve.

Andy removed the temporarily fitted air filters and painted trunking leading to the small generators.

Work party reports update December 2018
Work party report 10 March 2019

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