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Restoration diary

As one of RRRG's electrical officers I will write about my specialist field as well as general reports of work on site.

Work party report 21st April 2019

Work party report 21st April 2019

I went up to site yesterday as Ian Kemp was bringing some helicoils as a possible solution to the radiator resistor backplate problem (see previous work party reports). After we'd looked at them and decided they may well solve the problem, Ian and Peter Carter took measurements off the power unit for the upcoming lift, barred the engine round as they usually do each visit, and took data off the turbos to give to a company Ian found that overhauls railway turbos.

I undercoated one side of the gen compartment after having cleaned it down last visit.

Compressors update
Work party report 6th May 2019


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Monday, 30 January 2023

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