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Restoration diary

As one of RRRG's electrical officers I will write about my specialist field as well as general reports of work on site.

Working party report 15th November 2015

Working party report 15th November 2015
Dave Rolfe, Peter Carter and Ian Kemp started filling the power unit with the new oil supplied by Morris Lubricants, checking for leaks along the way. I met and showed the prospective new welder what areas require his attention on Repulse, and also showed recent member Deborah Stokes more thoroughly round Repulse than I was able to do at the open day. Once she has fully recovered from a recent operation, she intends to become a working member in the Spring. I also cleaned two more cubicle covers and undercoated a third.

The welder is quite happy with what I showed him, and says he can probably make our fortnightly working parties with the aim being to start work in the New Year, subject to cost approval by the RRRG Committee.

Working party report 25th October 2015
Work party reports 30th November 2015 and 17th Jan...


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