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Restoration diary

As one of RRRG's electrical officers I will write about my specialist field as well as general reports of work on site.

Work party reports 30th November 2015 and 17th January 2016

Work party reports 30th November 2015 and 17th January 2016
The reverser for 50030 with the air connection temporarily attached to the actuator. We successfully operated the air valves from an off board compressor to prove we had the correct connections.

On 15th November, Ian, Pete and Dave continued filling the power unit with the new oil, checking for leaks along the way, and blanking off pipes that cannot be fitted before the PU is lifted back into Repulse. Dom and I continued belling out the electrical cubicle wiring, and completed all the cables from the compressor, rad fan, earth-fault and battery charge contactors. We then finished off the day by going for our traditional, but slightly early, Christmas curry.

On 17th January, only Dave, Ian and I were able to make it Pete being snowed in. Having obtained what I hope are the right air connections for the reverser actuator, I thought it wise to try and test it before refitting it to the reverser, so between us we attached the compressor air pipe and got the valve going backwards and forwards by pressing the hinged plates over the coils.

Dave and Ian went over to one of our other storage locations and finished their inventory of our spares, and as it was too cold to do any painting, I started re-threading the brackets that hold the cover plates in front of the main field divert resistors on top of the cubicle.

Working party report 15th November 2015
A host of updates coming soon...

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