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Restoration diary

Reports of restoration work on 50029 and 50030.

Working party report 25th October 2015

Working party report 25th October 2015

The work party was attended by Dave Rolfe and myself plus Mark Burrows in the morning. Mark dropped off a set of cab desk panels for me to take a look at, then spent the rest of the morning searching through our stores of other cab parts. The panels appear to be in good condition but are missing the speedometer.  We have this item in stock elsewhere. Dave spend the morning fitting yet more pipework to the power unit and most of the afternoon freeing off the (very seized) remaining bolts from the roof panel above the radiators.
I started off making a temporary repair to the quarter glass window on the second man's side, as I found it to be letting in rainwater. I will make a better repair when the weather improves. I fitted the brake valve. I also fitted the first of three flexible hoses that connect to the cab gauges, later on I removed two other flexible hoses from 50037's cab and brought them home to repair like the first one. Lastly I started to look at the frost-damaged pipe that is buried behind the cab desk. This pipe is made up in three sections with the middle section being the damaged one. Due to its location and being soldered together it will be a tricky repair, but one that will need doing before any major cab parts can be refitted. I removed both the middle and end sections from 037 and brought it home to make plan of how I'm going to fit it to Repulse.

Working party report 3rd October 2015
Working party report 15th November 2015

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