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Restoration diary

As one of RRRG's electrical officers I will write about my specialist field as well as general reports of work on site.

Working party report 20th September 2015

Ian Kemp, Peter Carter and Dave Rolfe removed pipework in Renown to get at, and remove, the fuel lift pump/alternator, which we need for Repulse, but not before it's been sent away for overhaul. (We often get asked why we don't strip Renown to help restore Repulse; the simple answer is that there isn't much on 50029 that we need for 50030 and this is one of the exceptions that proves the rule). I made and fitted the two cab window brackets for the No.1 cab in 50030, cleaned four more cubicle doors, top coated two more, and finished painting the front of the cubicle frame itself. We were also pleased to welcome long time RRRG member Phil Casey who, living down in London, cannot always make it to site.  He wire-brushed the cab roof of 50037 and started painting it in red oxide, giving this slightly neglected RRRG asset some TLC.‚Äč  We purchased this cab for spare fittings and fixtures but we do not intend to scrap it and it has always been a long term plan to restore it as "gate guardian" for our work area but in recent years it has been more of a home for wasps' nests and similar.

This was recovered from 50029 as one of the few items still present on Renown that we need for Repulse.  After it has been overhauled by our electrical contractors it can be installed in 50030.

Phil Casey wire brushed the cab roof of 50037 and started work to make it look more presentable, as it has been looking a bit sorry for itself lately and we felt we owed it to Peak Rail to tidy it up.  (We often got asked which 50 it was from, hence the multiple numbers!)

Cab restoration update
Working party report 3rd October 2015

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