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Restoration diary

Reports of restoration work on 50029 and 50030.

Roof and body repairs spring 2021

Roof and body repairs spring 2021
As we've mentioned in previous posts here, one of our key tasks recently has been to fully repair the bodyshell of 50030 to make it fully watertight and ready to have its overhauled electrical machines installed. We have been hiring well-known locootive welder Ian Williams for this. Recent work has been to the roof and body sides of 50030. Many years of corrosion had taken their toll on the roof of Repulse but as the pictures show this has been money well spent to replace the rotten metal with good. The only outstanding work on the roof that Ian needs to do is to refit the small brackets that secure the locking pins for the roof hatches, and weld some patches onto the lower edge where some of the securing bolts go.​ We have also had Ian repair one of bodyside grilles which was given a coat of primer before he left site and then properly undercoated during a subsequent site visit by RRRG volunteers. Of course, this restoration work doesn't come cheap so please consider joining RRRG and purchasing from our online shop to help us raise the funds to restore 50029 and 50030!


The roof area of 50030 was in something of a state with  much rotten metal which was simply cut out as beyond repair.


Brand new metal welded in which is a massive improvement. Notice the new roof hatches which we had made as part of a batch with other Class 50 owners a few years ago.

We are very grateful to Ian Williams who did a fantastic job on 50030 and we highly recommend his work to other locomotive owners.

A selection of pictures showing the engine room bodyside grille repair recently carried out as part of the welding of 50030.

Work party report 18th April 2021
Work party report 16th May 2021

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