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Renown Repulse Restoration diary

A blog of factual reports and personal thoughts on the ongoing restoration of ex-British Rail diesel locomotives 50029 Renown and 50030 Repulse at Peak Rail in Derbyshire, UK.

New air filter frames

The frames for the air filters at the radiators end of 50030 were corroded, warped and generally unusable after 25 years or more out of traffic. Although we had a number of spares they likewise were not much good having been stored out in the open or in damp environments. We decided to "bite the bullet" and place an order with an engineering firm to have some new ones made. Ian Kemp went along today to have a look and we are vey pleased with the results. Coincidentally the firm's proprietor told us that his father had served on HMS Repulse (the Resolution class nuclear submarine) as part of a 25 year naval career.

Work party reports July/August 2018
Work party reports update December 2018

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Paul Sturm on Saturday, 01 September 2018 14:50

These are for JUMBO-sized kitchen extractor filters!

These are for JUMBO-sized kitchen extractor filters!
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Tuesday, 05 December 2023

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