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Renown Repulse Restoration diary

A blog of factual reports and personal thoughts on the ongoing restoration of ex-British Rail diesel locomotives 50029 Renown and 50030 Repulse at Peak Rail in Derbyshire, UK.

Automatic voltage regulator purchased

RRRG has acquired a good condition, overhauled automatic voltage regulator (AVR) for use in 50029.  This continues our policy of obtaining spare parts whenever they appear on the market.  In this case the AVR was spotted as being for sale by RRRG volunteer Wes Needle, who informed Electrical Officer Andy Rowlands who in turn alerted me.  A quick consultation with other Committee members gained rapid agreement that this was a part worth having and I duly collected the AVR from near Crewe, being the closest active RRRG member. The AVR looks as though it has been overhauled but was probably never actually fitted to a locomotive.  This purchase means we now have two good condition AVRs plus a spare in poorer condition, which we could have used if necessary as we have a contact who can overhaul these items.

Work party reports 22nd August, 19th September
Radiator lift from 50030

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Tuesday, 29 November 2022

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