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Restoration diary

Reports of restoration work on 50029 and 50030.

Pictures, memories, gen and logs from years gone by, mainly recalling 50029 and 50030 in BR service.

Sunday Sentimentalities no 2 - remembering Class 50s on Cross Country

It is April 1984 and 50030 is approaching Bristol Temple Meads from the south west, passing beneath the Bath Road overbridge in this shot by an unknown photographer taken from the end of the platform. Unfortunately we can't identify much more such as the exact service that Repulse was hauling, as the sub-par lighting conditions make it difficu...
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Sunday Sentimentalities no 1

To help pass the time during the current lockdown, we've been going through the RRRG image archive to pick out some workings from the BR careers of our two locomotives. We'll be posting these occasionally to hopefully stimulate a bit of discussion but also just to show some photos that have probably never been seen before. The date is 25th Jan...
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