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Welcome to the new Renown Repulse Restoration Group website. Take a look round, we're using this site to report the latest developments from our project and the news from our interim website which this site has now replaced. We have an online shop which you are welcome to browse even if you're not an RRRG member. You need to join us to view certain content as well as to obtain discounts in the shop. We've tried to give the best prices possible in the shop but remember that the money we raise is going directly to fund our preservation project! Why not browse our photo gallery which shows the painstaking efforts and high standards we are aiming for in our project? We hope you will be impressed enough to want to become a member but at the very least, thanks for visiting us!

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Thanks for visiting the Renown Repulse Restoration Group website. In order to obtain member discounts in the online shop you need to register with us. Current RRRG members are already registered. If you have lost your credentials, use the username reminder and password reset options of the User Area menu to obtain be reminded of your username and/or password.

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