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The Peak Line for Microsoft Train Simulator

Peak Line MSTS
-£ 5.00£ 13.99 each

Now available: a brand new addon for Microsoft Train Simulator or the Free successor, Open RailsThe Peak Line covers the Midland main line from Ambergate to Chinley and includes the branch to Buxton (Midland)!  This fondly-remembered route closed along much of its length in 1968 but has been painstakingly recreated for this addon pack.  Every major landmark and engineering feature of the line is included and special care has been taken to make the track and sidings layout as accurate as possible for the period c. 1960-1963, when diesel began displacing steam and which is the era this addon pack seeks to model.  The addon also depicts the once-thriving limestone industry of this area in some detail. 

A large amount of rolling stock and motive power is included in this pack; all of the locomotives and units are driveable and feature realistic physics, sounds and controls and everything is accurate for the line and era.

Rolling stock included


  • Fowler 4Fs nos 44410 and 44547
  • Fowler 3F tank 47459, 3F tender nos 43261 and 43808
  • BR Standard Class 7P 'Britannia' no 70004 William Shakespeare
  • Stanier 8F nos 48182 and 48063
  • Stanier 5MT no 44848
  • Hughes-Fowler 'Crab' no 42874
  • Stanier 5XP 'Jubilee' class 45699 Galatea
  • BR Standard Class 9F no 92147
  • BRCW Class 104 2 car DMU
  • BR/Sulzer type 2 diesel-electric (later Class 24)
  • Kirtley Midland Railway 0-4-4T 58066
  • BR Class 251/261 'Blue Pullman' DEMU
  • Prototypical LMS and BR wagons and coaching stock including the Buxton push-pull set


Top to bottom, left to right: 8F and consist approaching Millers Dale from the north; Class 24 and stock heading through Monsal Dale and the river; 8F 48063 passes Chapel-en-le-Frith (Midland) station; 9F 92147 on empties passes 5MT 44848 near Chinley, 92147 passes through Chinley station; 8F 48063 emerges from Monsal Head Tunnel; 48063 passing Monsal Dale; Nannygoat crossing (northern end of the current Peak Rail line), Buxton pull-push set passing limestone kilns near Millers Dale; Buxton set approaches Buxton (Midland), LNWR line in background; 92147 through Rowsley station and north of Rowsley.


48063 approaching Millers Dale Class 24 Monsal Dale
8F 48063 Chapel-en-le-Frith 9F 92147 passes 44848 near Chinley
 92147 passes Chinley station 48603 leaves Monsal Head tunnel
8F Monsal Dale  Nannygoat crossing (Rowsley South) 
Buxton pull-push set Buxton pull-push approaching Buxton Midland
Passing Rowsley station North of Rowsley


Activities included:



  • Midland Pullman – Take the famous Midland Pullman, formed of a “Blue Pullman” DEMU, for a non-stop run towards St Pancras starting at Chinley and ending at Ambergate. There may be slower trains in front of you though so keep a careful watch on the signal aspects.
  • Stanier 5 to Buxton – Drive 5MT 44848 on the 5:22 from Manchester Central, arriving at Buxton at 6:27.
  • Bringing back the empties – Return empty hoppers from the Northwich run with 9F no 92147 in charge.
  • PL Buxton Derby Local – Saturday evening stopper service between Buxton and Derby calling at all stations, formed of a two car BRCW Class 104 DMU. Start at Buxton steam shed then move to the station to pick up your first passengers.
  • Manchester Commuter – Your traction is Stanier “Black Five” no 44848 and you are in charge of the morning all stations service from Derby, picking the train up at Ambergate. The train terminates at Chinley where it will form a follow-on stopper to Manchester with a portion from Sheffield.
  • Manchester Commuter 2 – This service performed the only through connecting train between Sheffield Midland and Manchester Central until the closure of the Peak Line and the rationalisation of the Woodhead services at the end of steam. Your motive power and consist are similar to the previous activity.
  • Matlock – Millers Dale Stopper – take charge of a local service hauled by a BR-Sulzer type 2 diesel locomotive calling at all stations from Matlock to Millers Dale.
  • Northbound Express – Starting at Ambergate, proceed through the Peaks, making stops at Matlock, Millers Dale and Chinley. The locomotive is 5MT no 44848.
  • Palatine Southbound – Take charge of the Manchester Central-St Pancras Palatine express... You will start at speed approaching Chinley with top-link motive power 70004 William Shakespeare.
  • Pull Push – The daily push-pull service was a common sight at Buxton, with the ageing LMS coaches and 0-4-4T. You'll take charge of no 58066 at Buxton Midland and complete a trip to Millers Dale.
  • Rowsley Goods – In charge of a mixed freight, head to Rowsley and dispose of the train in the north yard. Try to keep your speed to a maximum of 45 mph. Motive power is 8F no 48063.
  • Tunstead Hoppers – Starting at Peak Forest loco stabling in charge of 8F 48182, reverse down to Tunstead South and pick up the hopper train with banker already attached. Drive up the steep gradient and through Doveholes tunnel. The activity finishes at Doveholes sidings.

Please note that this addon pack ships on a DVD-ROM and you will need a DVD drive in your PC to install the pack.  The addon requires Microsoft Train Simulator itself, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7, 1.4 GB free disk space on the same drive that Train Simulator is installed on and ideally a 64 MB 3D-capable graphics card. We have not tested this pack but it should work on Windows 8 and 10 using Open Rails.

This pack is produced and distributed by Renown Repulse Universal, the commercial wing of the Renown Repulse Restoration Group. The profits from this pack will go towards the restoration of Class 50 locomotives 50029 Renown and 50030 Repulse at Peak Rail.