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RRRG membership conveys benefits and the purchase of shares brings additional entitlements over and above membership alone, as detailed in our Shareholder benefits page.  Share purchases are extremely important to RRRG as they help us fund our project.  If you don't wish to purchase a share for £100 in one go, we strongly encourage you to set up a standing order in favour of the Group.  This can be for as little as £5 or £10 per month but your contribution will go towards share purchases unless you instruct us otherwise.  Standing orders give us regular income and help us plan our expenditure and as such we encourage all our members and supporters to set up a monthly standing order in our favour!

Please note that RRRG membership applications are handled exclusively by the site registration system (rather than the online shop).  Please visit the registration page to purchase membership.


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Thanks for visiting the Renown Repulse Restoration Group website. In order to obtain member discounts in the online shop you need to register with us. Current RRRG members are already registered. If you have lost your credentials, use the username reminder and password reset options of the User Area menu to obtain be reminded of your username and/or password.

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