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Dawg (2002) DVD

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From Wikipedia:

Dawg is 2002 drama-comedy film directed by Victoria Hochberg. It stars Denis Leary and Elizabeth Hurley, in their second film together. Steffani Brass was nominated for Young Artist Award with his role in this film.

Douglas "Dawg" Munford (Denis Leary) is the ultimate womanizer: He is selfish, rude and totally uncaring about what a woman thinks after they have sex. He arrives too late for his grandmother's funeral but, no matter, she has left him a cool million subject to one condition. As explained by estate executor Anna Lockhart (Elizabeth Hurley), Douglas must contact at least a dozen of the scores of women he has seduced and left during his lifetime and beg for their forgiveness. Reluctantly, Dawg sets out on his odyssey which takes him, and the lawyer, to venues throughout California.

Rated as 15 certificate and not to be supplied to persons below that age.

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