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Armature of newly acquired ETH generator
In February 2010 agreement was reached with a fellow 50 owner to acquire a surplus Auxiliary/ETH generator set. Our existing one earmarked for Renown requires expensive repairs so it made good sense to acquire a better condition one. The new acquisition is in a dismantled state but is complete and undamaged. It does have a defect within the auxiliary armature but this was rectified by swapping for an identical ex-Class 37 aux gen. The new ETH/aux set is halfway through an overhaul but work was stopped and its condition had since deteriorated slightly. The displaced Aux/ETH will be retained as a future spare knowing how temperamental and scarce these machines are. This view is from 4th September 2009 and shows the excellent condition of the ETH Armature, unfortunately three years storage (undercover) has resulted in deterioration of the bearings which will need replacing when the machine is overhauled.
2010, auxiliary generator, ETH generator, feb-2010, February, spare parts
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