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RRRG ETH generators leaving a contractor who were unable to perform the required work
For some time RRRG had two ETH/Auxiliary Generator sets at an electrical contractors in Birmingham, along with two traction motors. The company had been contracted to overhaul one of the ETH/Auxiliary Generator sets for use in 50030, the intention being that they would do it as an infill job. Unfortunately following initial part stripping of one of the sets, little work was undertaken. Finally in the summer of 2008, we were advised that the generators were outside of the normal type of equipment that they dealt with and as such whilst they were capable of doing the job, it would not be economically viable for them to fit it in between the large contract work that they were undertaking for the main line railways. As such arrangements were put in place to have the generators moved. Here the lorry tractor unit is seen recoupling to the trailer, which turned out to be a tricky exercise as the trailer had settled slight under the weight, resulting in the trailer being unable to recouple. Andy Rowlands watches proceedings as the tractor shuffles backwards and forwards attempting to recouple. 20th October 2008.
2008, auxiliary generator, Bowers, DK, ETH generator, moving, Oct-2008, October
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