This work party was attended by myself plus the "Three Amigos": Dave Rolfe, Ian Kemp and Peter Carter.  Dave and I fitted a couple more water and oil pipes to the ex-50008 power unit, I then swapped a water pipe from the power unit inside 50030 to replace a damaged one on the new power unit.
The main news from this Sunday centres around the heat exchanger which was removed from storage, due to the size and weight this was no mean feat but between the four of us and the use of our winch we managed to move it out for inspection. When we purchased the ex-50008 power unit we were told the heat exchanger had been swapped for the one currently in 50008 as it had a leak. When Ian inspected it, it was clear the end plate had corroded through in a couple of places (this plate is around 5mm thick so it's surprising it has rusted so badly). Thankfully the rest of the exchanger looks to be ok but we will need to pressure test it at some point. The rest of the afternoon was spent removing the end plate from the heat exchanger inside 50030; although this is quite rusty it appears to be in much better condition and should be easy(ish) to swap over.


 b2ap3_thumbnail_oil-pipe-and-gasket-med.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_heat-exchanger-med.jpg