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Salute to the LMS

Salute to the LMS front
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Published by Ian Allan in 1972, hardback, 84 pages. This appreciation by the late Cecil J Allen of the largest of the "Big Four" companies covers all aspects of the LMS, from its formation, internal politics, motive power developments and policy, freight and passenger flows with the named West Coast and Midland express trains plus its reaches into diesel and electric traction.  A fascinating history with chapters on the rivalries between the Midland and LNWR which carried over into the LMS, the other constituents of the LMS and their politics, the LMS approach to the permanent way and the various works it inherited, the West Coast v East Coast rivalries, motive power as inherited and developed, the unhealthy dominance of the Midland's small engine policy, the "new broom" of William Stanier, electrification and dieselisation, coaching stock, passenger services and timetable development, LMS freight and marshalling yards and the LMS fleet of ships plus its interests in Ireland and tours of the USA undertaken for publicity reasons.  The history of a fondly-remembered company is nicely contained in this approachable volume which is in excellent condition with no visible defects.

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